Tidbits: ArchiSnapper, DWG Sync for Revit, and AIA Innovator Award news


Autodesk Puts Out New DWG Sync for Revit

Autodesk has released a free preview in DWG Sync for Revit 2017/2016. This tool solves the pain points associated with importing DWG-based models into Revit. With the new tool a user has two new commands: DWG Import command imports a DWG and loads it into a Revit family. It also places an instance of that new family at the current project’s origin. The second new command is DWG Sync, which enables you to update family definitions which include embedded DWG files that were created with the DWG Import command.

Folks interested in this technology preview can join up here to test it out.

Vote for AIA 2016 Innovators (from AIA TAP)

The AIA’s Technology in Architectural Practice and Construction Contract Administration Knowledge Communities have recognized 5 projects worthy of consideration for this honor, their innovative approach to architecture and technology.

Now the AIA seeks the “People’s Choice” and is inviting folks to vote.

01 – Boston’s Payette is one of the firms that folks can vote for (People’s Choice) for the AIA 2016 Innovators award, for the development and use of their thermal occupant comfort tool shown here. The tool is available and open to use on the web.

The range of short-listed projects for this award includes a youth and opportunity center; a science-medical facility; a glazing and thermal comfort analysis tool (see image 01) ; a rock-formed cave like structure that relied on digital models from Rhino and GH (Grasshopper) in combination with CNC and laser-cutters; plus an expo center that utilized a complex workflow analysis project.

ArchiSnapper News

ArchiSnapper is a mobile app, ideally on the iPad, that is making big waves in the AEC world for its steadfast role in streamlining the common field report process for architects, engineers, contractors (AEC), safety professionals, and even real estate developers.

ArchiSnapper is all about Observe, Sync, Done. Using a mobile device powering ArchiSnapper you combine the power of a camera and notepad into a digital workflow that is optimized for the work of creating a “field report.” You can read more about the app here.

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While the app is already a leader in its space, the folks behind ArchiSnapper the app also have an engaging blog with some noteworthy topics. A recent blog entry we liked is titled, “Architects, Contractors, Engineers: Double Your Hourly Rate. Now.” Who doesn’t like getting paid more for what they do?Other posts focus on things like explaining what “lean construction” is or how to setup your own architecture firm website.

Other posts focus on things like explaining what “lean construction” is or how to setup your own architecture firm website. The point is, there is a bit more to ArchiSnapper than just the app that is designed to save you time on site. Their blog, whether you use the app or not, has some little god nuggets.

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