OrthoGraph Announces Survey to 3D Render Webinar Winner


OrthoGraph has recently announced its “From Building Survey to 3D Renders” webinar winner—Radek Kapucian, of the United Kingdom.

Webinar Series Contest

OrthoGraph met a major milestone this year in the fall with the release of its new OrthoGraph I building survey software system for both Apple iOS and Google Android. The first, multi-platform release has meant a lot to the company; OrthoGraph is predicting there will be more than 20,000 downloads of the specialized software by year end.

As promised the company raffled an annual OrthoGraph I and ArchLine.XP subscription with a Leica DISTO D2 among the webinar participants. That first webinar was back in November. And Kapucian was the winner!

01 – OrthoGraph I is the building survey software that automates the process of taking field dimensions and converts results into CAD and BIM formats, including 3D data. An upcoming webinar focuses on Firefighting professionals and investigation work.

An OrthoGraph user since last May, Radek Kapucian makes an interesting and valid point about using such technology literally in the field and in front of clients.

“I’ve tried many available apps on the market. Every developer has a slightly different approach in terms of what their app should do. If I forget the free or DIY apps, most paid apps try as many options and buttons as possible. Believe me, when you are actually out there using your laser meter and iPad with a client curiously watching you, the last thing you want is to be fighting with or fiddling with the app and eventually grabbing paper and pen.”

Next Chance to Win—Coming Webinar

The new webinar is titled “Fire Investigation with the Most Advanced Technology” and will be coming in January 2017.

Users can sign-up here and take part. Winners not only gain free software but also a Leica DISTO D2. For more information, visit this webinar link.

Not just for architects and other AEC pros…firefighters are ancillary AEC pros and OrthoGraph I is playing a big part in fire investigations. Check out the video below.

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